Resilience Experiences and support to assist our community members develop both a strong sense of worth and the capacity to overcome negative experiences or disappointments. Respect All members of our community are expected to respect the College, others and themselves. Responsibility All members of our community are expected to take responsibility for their actions. Aspiration Students are encouraged to be the best they can be, in all endeavours.


Year 7, 2022 – Notebook Collections Days

Tuesday, 25 January and Thursday, 27 January 2022


Term 1, 2022 Commence

Years 7, 10-12

Monday, 31 January 2022

Term 1, 2022 Commence

Years 8-9

Tuesday, 1 February 2022



School Tours for Year 7, 2023

Our school tours have now closed, future tour dates for Term 1, 2022 will be published in February, 2022. Due to the COVID restrictions we will not be running tours in Term 4, 2021.


Office Hours

General Office Opening hours for last week of Term 2021

Monday, 13 December:           8.15am-4.30pm

Tuesday, 14 December:          8.15am-4.30pm

Wednesday, 15 December:    8.15am-4.30pm

Thursday, 16 December:        8.15am-4.30pm

Friday, 17 December: General Office – Closed


General Office Opening hours for 2022

Monday, 24 January: General Office – Closed

Tuesday, 25 January: 8.30am-4pm

(Year 7 Notebook collection – Day 1)

Wednesday, 26 January: Public Holiday – Closed

Thursday, 27 January: 8.30am-4pm

(Year 7 Notebook collection – Day 2)

Friday, 28 January: 8.30am-4pm

Uniform Shop Hours

Dobsons Uniform has returned to normal hours:
Mondays 8.30am – 11.30am
Thursdays 1.30pm – 4.30pm

Refer to the Uniform tab for Extended Hours in January 2022

Dobson – Notice for COVID-safe Store Operations

Please remember to social distance and be patient while waiting.  Closed on school and public holidays and during a lockdown due to Covid.  Please order online during these times.

Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to the Norwood Secondary College website. We aim to maintain this site as a dynamic window on the life of the school as it unfolds. At the same time some important information that reflects our ethos and culture and our aspirations for the future is also located here…