School Profile and Staff

Norwood Secondary College, in the City of Maroondah, is a single campus coeducational Years 7-12 College with an enrolment of around 1100 students. It has an outstanding reputation in the community, particularly in the areas of academic excellence, sport and the performing arts. The College caters for the educational needs of students from a wide range of primary schools in the local community and values the positive relationship that is established with these schools.

At Norwood we are committed to providing an experience where, in years to come, students will be proud to have attended a college where they have made lifelong friends, are lifelong learners and have become valuable contributors to the community.

Emblem and Values

The key element of the College emblem is the compass needle pointing north, evoking a journey of purpose. Our Latin motto ‘fidelis’ (meaning loyal and faithful to duty), along with our Values of Respect, Aspiration, Resilience and Responsibility, reflect our ethos. Through a journey of discovery, exploration and personal growth teachers facilitate and guide students into deeper understandings of their world.


Norwood facilities consist of well maintained LTC buildings arranged in three main blocks, catering for the majority of our teaching spaces. Music is taught in D-Block which contains specialist classrooms and instrumental music spaces.

Our Performing Arts Hall currently services our drama program and in 2018 our new Gymnasium was built.  Our oval is large enough to cater for cricket, football and soccer all year as a result of extensive draining, watering and stormwater harvesting tanks for irrigation.

In 2019, we opened our newly built Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Centre.


The College has well developed and maintained computer facilities for all students including a 1:1 laptop program. Students in Years 7 to 9 use leased laptops while students in Years 10 to 12 are involved in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program with preferred devices of varying cost.


Principals and Directors

2022 Andrew Sloane


Mr Andrew Sloane

2022 Jackie Harris

Senior School Principal

Mrs Jackie Harris

2022 Kris Johnson

Junior School Principal

Mr Kris Johnson

2022 Kerrie Hobbs

Director of Operations

Mrs Kerrie Hobbs

2022 Alexis Watson

Director of Curriculum

Mrs Alexis Watson

Colour logo

Director of Pedagogy

Mr Zac Parr

2022 Jan Woolard

Director of Staff Development

Mrs Jan Woolard

2022 Natalie Nejad

Learning Specialist Numeracy/MYLNS

Ms Natalie Nejad

2022 Sam Fox

Learning Specialist Literacy/MYLNS

Mrs Sam Fox

2022 Nicholas M

Learning Specialist Data

Mr Nick Mammoliti

2022 Jane Arnold

Business Manager

Ms Jane Arnold

Senior School Leadership

2022 Chris Sheehan

Head of Year 12

Mr Chris Sheehan

2022 Mel Cherry

Year 12 Coordinator

Mrs Mel Cherry

2022 Rod Mitchell

Head of Year 11

Mr Rod Mitchell

2022 Cynthia Kennedy

Year 11 Coordinator

Mrs Cynthia Kennedy

2022 Annie Hearne

Head of Year 10

Ms Annie Hearne


Year 10 Coordinator

Mrs Leisa Beggs

2022 Paul Duncan

Careers Pathways – VET and VCAL Coordinator

Mr Paul Duncan

Junior School Leadership

2022 Adam Given

Head of Year 9

Mr Adam Given

2022 Jess Bishop

Year 9 Coordinator

Ms Jess Bishop

2022 Dan Cole

Head of Year 8

Mr Dan Cole

2022 Claire Jones

Year 8 Coordinator

Ms Claire Jones

2022 Cameron Cox

Head of Year 7

Mr Cameron Cox

2022 Nicole Pratt

Year 7 Coordinator

Ms Nicole Pratt

Other Key Staff

2022 Jackie Landy

Student Wellbeing Coordinator

Mrs Jacki Landy

2022 Miranda Maginness

Student Wellbeing Counsellor

Ms Miranda Maginness

2022 Chayna Dight-Stone

Student Wellbeing Assistant

Mrs Chayna Dight-Stone

Jason Boyce

Student Wellbeing Assistant

Mr Jason Boyce

2022 Sandra Fraraccio

Disability Inclusion Coordinator

Mrs Sandra Fraraccio

2022 Al Darsis

Facilities Manager

Mr Al Darsas