Student Leadership & SRC

Norwood has a long tradition of leadership development which actively supports and encourages students to take up leadership roles. We believe that given the opportunity, students can develop skills in leadership and become responsible role models in the College Community. Student input is welcomed by the College and the SRC President is a valued member of the College Council.

College and Community Leadership Skills Programs

Student leaders from all levels participate in activities which enable them to learn about team building, communication, meeting procedures and public speaking. These programs are usually held at the College but many students participate in community leadership activities including the Reach Leadership Day, Guides Victoria, Women of Note Mentor Breakfast, Peer Support, Foundation Leadership Conference, Rotary RYPEN Leadership Program, High Life Young Leaders’ Day, Rotary Model United Nations event and many more.

Peer Support Program

At Year 11 students become leaders of a small group of Year 7s in our Peer Support Program. This involves a two day training camp where they are taught skills in leadership, communication and role modelling. The program is highly successful and students receive a certificate and badge as formal recognition. Peer Support helps Year 7s make the transition from primary school to secondary college by offering them an older student to whom they can relate and upon whom they can depend.

City of Maroondah ‘Young Leaders’ Program’

Every year Norwood is invited to send students to a week long leadership program run by the City of Maroondah. These students focus on public speaking and communication skills. They have a formal presentation night for the Councillors of Maroondah and the wider community to demonstrate the skills they have gained. This is a unique and valuable experience for students to undertake.

Student Ambassador Program

Students in Year 7 are invited to become College Ambassadors and assist with College Tours, Open Night and other functions. Students enjoy these experiences and develop confidence and leadership skills.

SRC Groups

Junior and Senior Schools have a separate SRC group that meets each fortnight. These groups are led by the Captains and Vice-Captains of each of the sub-schools. Junior School Captains and Vice Captains are elected from Year 9 students each year and College Captains from the Prefects. Prefects are elected from Year 11 and 12, by students and staff.

SRC members play a significant role in College functions such as Open Night, Year 6 Transition Information Evening and Orientation Day. They lead the Subschool assemblies and are encouraged to participate in one of the other student committees such as The Arts, Sport, Environment, Year Book or Social Service Committee.

Students consider it an honour to be elected to the position of SRC Representative/Form Captain. These leaders work enthusiastically and with commitment to assist other students and staff and have a genuine desire to contribute to the continual improvement of the College for all students.