• To create holistic citizens who will be fully prepared to embrace the culture and communities of the future.
  • To develop our students’ identities in the increasingly globalising world.
  • To foster an enjoyment of language learning and a desire to communicate with speakers of the language.
  •  To provide opportunities to enjoy cultural events and overseas trips.

Junior School Curriculum

Students study French as a core subject in Years 7 and 8, beyond which it is an elective. Students learn to communicate using basic words and expressions as well as study the grammatical components of speech.

Students have the opportunity to participate in the prestigious Berthe Mouchette Poetry Competition as well as being involved in a pen pal programme with a school in New Caledonia. There is also the Crêpe Day, which is a popular event for the entire school.

Senior School Curriculum

In the Senior years, students continue the development of the four skills of language acquisition (reading, speaking, writing and listening). Resources such as comprehension exercises, written texts and recorded scripts provide a framework for developing competence in composition and oral work, equipping students with basic survival skills with a view to experiencing a real life situation.

Students undertake a number of exciting excursions to restaurants, film festivals and overseas study tours (every second year, on demand). In New Caledonia, students attend a language school, are billeted with a host family and participate in a range of activities.