Visual Arts


  • To offer students a stimulating, relevant and reflective curriculum in a nurturing environment.
  • To immerse students in the experience of creating, exploring, presenting and responding.
  • To facilitate students setting their own goals, reflecting on their outcomes and gauging their improvement.
  • To encourage every student to explore their individual talents and give of their best. To motivate students to take creative risks, problem solve and be open to exploring new ideas, materials and techniques.

Junior School Curriculum

In Years 7 and 8 students undertake one semester-length core unit of Visual Art each year. Students explore visual arts practices and styles as inspiration to develop a personal style, express ideas, concepts and themes, while completing a range of art works. They are introduced to the art elements and principles, a range of materials, methods and techniques, including drawing, painting, ceramics, printing and visual communication design. Students also experience problem solving and learn to reflect on and present their ideas.

In Year 9 a number of electives are offered, which build on the skills and the interests of the students and specialise in particular areas. The following units are offered:

  • Art Practices
  • Drawing the World Around You
  • Ceramics
  • Visual Communication Design

Senior School Curriculum

In Senior School students are offered ‘Studio Art’ and ‘Visual Communication Design’. In ‘Studio Art’ students explore the processes used for solving artistic problems and designing studio works. They go on to produce their own artwork based on work briefs, justifying their choices at the VCE level. ‘Visual Communication’ focuses on producing a number of presentations in Year 10 then developing different design concepts according to a brief in VCE.