Food Fabric Technology


  • To familiarise students with the design process while experimenting with a range of materials, including fabrics and food.
  • To foster student development of important life skills such as decision-making, collaboration and hands on experience.

Junior School Curriculum

In Year 7 and 8 students develop basic skills and equipment knowledge in this Technology area. In Year 9 students extend this knowledge in food and fabric electives, looking at meals of the day and menu planning, exploring the operation of a small food business or in textiles, individual garment construction following a commercial pattern.

Senior School Curriculum

Senior Food Studies takes an interdisciplinary approach to the exploration of food, with an emphasis on extending food knowledge and skills and building individual pathways to health and wellbeing through the application of practical food skills. Practical work is integral to Food Studies which includes cooking, demonstrations and a variety of other practical tasks that enables students to enhance, demonstrate and share their learning with others.