• To enable students to develop key problem-solving skills within an individualised program catering for all abilities.
  • To foster a feeling of confidence and success in students, attempting to solve ever more complex problems.
  • To encourage students to participate in The Australian Mathematics Competition and/or the ICAS Mathematics Competition, as well as programs offered by tertiary institutions and state-wide competitions.

Junior School Curriculum

Students work on a variety of tasks in Years 7 to 9 to develop their proficiency across the three content strands of Number & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry and Statistics & Probability. They include:

• Differentiated task lists for textbook work and Mathletics.

• Homework sheets (Years 7 and 8 only).

• Interactive web-based assessment, activities and games using laptops and/or the electronic whiteboards.

• Problem-solving activities and tasks with resources like the Maths 300 task centre and NRICH Mathematics (online program).

Senior School Curriculum 

We offer four different subjects for different abilities:

Specialist Mathematics 

This advanced course is offered by invitation only in Year 10. This course goes beyond Mathematical Methods in developing rigorous Mathematical arguments and proofs and uses ever more complex Mathematical models. It is taken in conjunction with Mathematical Methods in both VCE years.

Mathematical Methods 

This core subject caters for students who plan to continue into VCE Mathematical Methods OR those students who are not sure which Year 11 course to choose. This course is predominately algebra based, including calculus and statistical analysis in VCE.

General Mathematics 

This course only leads into Year 11 General Mathematics and Year 12 Further Mathematics. It covers topics such as Financial Mathematics, Measurement, Trigonometry and Probability in Year 10 and statistical investigation, Geometry, network analysis and project planning in VCE.

Foundation Mathematics 

This is a very basic consumer and trade Mathematics for students who have had difficulty with Mathematics previously. Students undertake this only at the recommendation of their teacher. Only Units 1 & 2 are studied and the focus is on developing basic Mathematical skills effectively to make informed decisions.