Location and Transport

Norwood is readily accessible by public transport from all surrounding areas.

By Rail: 

Students may take trains to the following stations which connect with a bus to Norwood.

Croydon Station – to Ringwood Station then Bus route 380

Ringwood Station – Bus route 364 or 380

By Bus: 

Students may take the following bus routes.

Route 364 (Kinetic)

Route 271 (Kinetic)

Route 380 (Kinetic)

Route 670 (Ventura)

Special School Bus Ventura 2611, 2635 (Morning)

Special School Bus Ventura 2638, 2641 (Afternoon)

For a detailed list of bus routes, please click on the links below:

Bus Routes 2024

NSC Designated School Bus Ventura Timetable

Public Transport Victoria Journey Planner