• To develop students’ knowledge of language and literature.
  • To challenge and encourage students to interact with texts and create fresh approaches and interpretations in the evolving digital environment.
  • To help students appreciate the power to evoke feelings and convey ideas, persuade, entertain and argue.
  • To teach students to communicate effectively in both written and spoken forms.
  • To provide opportunities for students to compete regionally in Interschool Debating and writing competitions.

Junior School Curriculum

In Years 7 – 9 the focus is on building up students’ skill base. Students will study a variety of poetry, film and print texts in addition to comparing different text types and investigating current issues. Students will also participate in oral presentations, debates and create their own advertisements.

Senior School Curriculum

The Senior School curriculum is focussed on the two areas of study: Text (creating and comparing) and Argument (analysing and presenting). Students will participate in a variety of activities designed to maximise their potential and prepare them for the final exam. Skills covered include essay writing, comparing texts, analysing arguments and speaking persuasively.