Materials Technology


  • To deliver a dynamic and challenging curriculum to all students.
  • To recognise and cater for student differences and interests.
  • To encourage students to achieve their personal best in all areas.

Junior School Curriculum

In Years 7 – 8, the students are introduced to Technology via integrated studies using metals, wood, plastic and fabric. They are encouraged to investigate, design, produce, analyse and evaluate their work. During the construction of their models and products, students are exposed to the use of various tools, materials and processes. Teaching emphasises joining techniques, cutting techniques, an understanding of the materials used in construction, basic design skills and problem solving, product analysis and evaluation.

Senior School Curriculum

At the Senior level, students will build on skills and knowledge gained previously. They expand their understanding of metals, wood, plastic and fabric component and are introduced to two new materials: glass and silver. Students complete projects using three materials with elements of design, creativity and production. One of these materials is researched and investigated in a written design folio.