Camps, Tours and Excursions

Camps, tours and excursions are integral both to the delivery of the curriculum and, importantly, the personal enrichment and development of each student.


Regular excursions are run as part of each Key Learning Area’s program. Excursions are linked to the curriculum and provide opportunities not available in the classroom setting. Students of all levels may, for example, attend a musical performance, have professionals like “Professor Bunsen” visit the College, participate in a sporting activity or visit organisations like Scienceworks and Swinburne University.

Camps and Special Events

Norwood staff understand the need to build an educational community through quality relationships with students, parents and other staff and the College has the growth and development of each individual as its major goal. To this end we have introduced a successful Mentoring Program. Students are supported by committed and caring staff, Mentors, Heads of Year Level, Coordinators and a Student Wellbeing Coordinator.

Year 7

Adanac: Orientation and Transition Camp

Year 8

“The Summit”: Outdoor adventure camp at Trafalgar

Year 9

“City Experience”: A tour of important sights and organisations in Melbourne

Year 10

Work Experience
Year 10 Social
Presentation Ball

Year 11

Central Australia

Year 12

Year 12 Formal