In consultation with parents, staff and students we have embraced four values which resonate within our community:


All members of our community are expected to respect the College, others and themselves.


Students are encouraged to be the best they can be, in all endeavours.


All members of our community are expected to take responsibility for their actions.


The College will support and assist our community members to develop both a strong sense of worth and the capacity to overcome negative experiences or disappointments.


We are working to instil these values across all aspects of College life. Proactive programs form part of the wider curriculum at all year levels and include presentations by members of the broader community and organisations.

Support Networks

Norwood staff understand the need to build an educational community through quality relationships with students, parents and other staff and the College has the growth and development of each individual as its major goal. To this end we have introduced a successful Mentoring Program. Students are supported by committed and caring staff, Mentors, Heads of Year Level, Coordinators and a Student Wellbeing Coordinator.