• To help students understand and interpret the media around them.
  • To facilitate insight into the methods used by filmmakers, advertisers and media practitioners.
  • To give students opportunities to create products in a range of mediums.

Junior School Curriculum

At Year 9, the elective subject ‘Digital Dimensions’ allows students to explore basic photography, filmmaking and podcasting. It is a fun, practical subject with lots of responsibility and group work. Practical projects include photography, TV production and print advertisements.

Senior School Curriculum

The Year 10 course involves more theoretical components but retains a substantial focus on practical elements. Film and photography analysis are added to practical projects in these areas. Students are also introduced to some of the key concepts that become the cornerstones of understanding for Year 11 and 12. At VCE level, students are given more creative scope and control over their practical projects. They are able enhance their own creations and make media products that are thoughtful and unique.