• To give students the scientific knowledge and skills of clear thinking and inquiry required to help them become informed and productive members of our technological society.
  • To prepare students for tertiary study.
  • To offer students practical ways of understanding theory through ICT Science simulation software, iPad applications, excursions and incursions.
  • To offer students opportunities to excel through university tasters, master class workshops and competitions (International Science Competition, Australian Chemistry Quiz, Chemistry Titration Competition, Rio Tinto challenge and Tournament of the Minds).

The Accelerated Program 

Students sit an entrance exam to be allocated a place. They study units enhanced with content from VCE Biology, Chemistry and Physics. By Year 9, students will be studying Year 10 Advanced Science topics. In Year 10, there is an expectation to study VCE Unit 1 subjects.

STEM and Girls in Engineering

Girls from Years 7-11 are given multiple opportunities to attend workshops, incursions and excursions involving STEM, Physics and Engineering at Quantum, La Trobe University and the University of Melbourne. This is designed to maximise their opportunities in Physics and open pathways to tertiary success.

Senior School Curriculum

Year 10

Students may study Advanced Science or General Science. Advanced Science consists of one unit for the year, focusing on Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Rigour and correct scientific method, as well as poster presentations from extended practical investigations, are expectations of the unit. General Science may be studied for one semester and includes basic concepts from Physics, Biology and Chemistry.


Norwood offers the VCE subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology in Years 11 and 12. Students are given the opportunity to attend many excursions and visit laboratories. They are encouraged to participate in several competitions. All students complete the Extended Practical Poster Investigation and are encouraged to design, investigate and present their findings to their teachers and peers.