Business Studies


  • To equip students with a unique set of concepts, ideas and tools to be a more informed citizen, consumer, worker, voter, producer, saver and investor.
  • To enable students to be socially responsible and ethical members of the business community.
  • This takes place in an engaging, supportive and challenging environment that is relevant to today’s teenagers but also provides the framework for further study of our commercial world.

Junior School Curriculum

All Year 9 students undertake a Semester Unit titled ‘Out on Your Own’. During the semester students develop their financial literacy skills in relation to Accounting, Business Management, Economics and Legal Studies. They learn about Banking, Budgeting, Saving and Investing and prepare a resume developing their employability skills.

Senior School Curriculum

Year 10 Semester Units titled ‘Finance & Enterprise’, ‘Courts, Parliaments and Markets’, continue to deepen the link between financial understanding/literacy skills and the commercial world. This gradually opens into the four main disciplines offered in VCE: Accounting, Business Management, Economics and Legal Studies.