The Debating Program offers students of all year levels the opportunity to engage in a range competitive team events. Students are encouraged to express themselves in clear and stimulating ways during the external competitions.

Debating allows students to become active and knowledgeable members of their community, analysing issues of importance. By promoting teamwork, confidence and awareness, debating provides many transferrable skills to assist student performance in other areas. At Norwood, we believe that over many years of debating, even a nervous Year 7 student can become an eloquent speaker with the power to assert a rational and well organised point of view!


Debating Association of Victoria

Norwood annually enters teams to compete in a formal debating season against other secondary schools in the Ringwood region. In addition to improving knowledge about current Australian issues, public speaking and research skills, the students are provided with external feedback from the D.A.V. adjudicators. This assists with their personal development and confidence throughout the College curriculum.

Other Activities

Norwood maintains a number of affiliations with other debating programs, providing varied opportunities for students. Previously, Norwood competed in two mock United Nation Conference debates, engaging in discussion of global issues and international relationships. Norwood also fielded a team in the ‘Victoria Shield for Excellence in Debating’. These competitions allow our students to compete in unique settings (such as Parliament House) and encourage stimulating interactions with students from other local schools.