The College held the annual Arts and Technology Spring Show, this week. With a strong turnout of students and families, it was a wonderful event that reminded us all that we are gradually returning to a more normal world in which crowds are allowed to gather and enjoy events such as this.

In the Arts and Technology Show, students’ work from Studio Arts, Visual Communication and Design, Media and Wood Technology were on display, in our Library. Of particular note this year were the outstanding folios of so many of the students. It is the folio, rather than the finished piece, that gives an insight into the design process and the learning of the student as they trial various techniques and ideas. There were so many folios that were truly impressive.

The winner of the ‘Principal’s Acquisition Award’ (where the piece is purchased by the school and joins the past years’ winners’ work in the administration building) was Rachael Hardy with a set of beautiful drawings of her and her family, over the years. The piece that was acquired by the school was a delightful representation of Rachael, as a very young child, painting….over everything including herself.

Congratulations Rachael! 

Andrew Sloane, College Principal